Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to visit wineries and brew pubs! Can we do that on the same day?

Yes, when you reserve a Private Tour you can choose between wineries, breweries, and distilleries, and can even do a combination. Please provide us with your request, as we are always happy to help you put together the tour using our extensive knowledge of the locations to make the Best Tour!

What is included?

We provide pick up from most Traverse City locations. We will make the necessary arrangements with the established stops for our Join-In Tour guests. Also, chilled bottled water is available for all our guests within our vehicle plus you receive a Grand Traverse Tours cloth tote as a complimentary souvenir.

What is not included?

Most wineries charge $5 - $10 for tasting fees for multiple samples. Some include a souvenir glass. When you buy bottles of wine, some wineries give you a discount to cover the tasting fees. Driver gratuity is not included and is greatly appreciated! 20% is the industry standard and can be added in advance or paid in cash directly to the driver the day of your tour.

What is a Join-In Tour?

This is a public group tour that offers the opportunity for guests to join in with other guests, on a shared vehicle, to experience the wineries at a more affordable price.

When should we make our reservation with Grand Traverse Tours?

We recommend making a reservation with Grand Traverse Tours as soon as possible, as many of our tours, especially on Saturdays sell out in advance. We do accept reservations the day of the tour, when there is availability.

How large of a group can go on a tour?

Our largest vehicle accommodates up to 14 guests. When a group exceeds 14 guests, we then may book multiple vehicles, as needed.

How many places can we visit in a Four-Hour Tour?

Most guests visit four establishments in a Four-Hour Tour, at a comfortable pace.

Do you pick up outside of Traverse City?

Yes, as for Private Tours, we pick up throughout Northern Michigan. However, there may be an additional cost incurred depending on how far away you are. Keep in mind your tour time typically starts when we pick you up and ends when we drop you off, as you may want to purchase extra time due to extra drive time for pick up/drop off.

As for Join-In Tours, we pick up at most locations; from downtown Traverse City to the multiple hotels and resorts along the bay.

When does our tour time start and end?

For Private Tours, the time that you have reserved starts at your scheduled pick up time and ends at your scheduled drop off time.

For Join-In Tours, we pick up our guests 30-45 prior to the tour time, as it all depends on the locations where our guests are located.

Do wineries and breweries need to know we are coming to visit?

Yes, especially with larger groups. We make arrangements, with the establishments, in advance of our visit.

When do I pay the deposit?

For Private Tours, a minimum deposit of $100. is due when you make your reservation.

However, Join-In Tours are to be paid, in full, at the time of your reservation.

What can we bring with us?

Please bring cash for tasting fees and gratuity. Also bring your ID as most establishments require a photo ID.

You may bring food or snacks, however avoid messy foods to avoid any cleaning fees.

On Private Tours, we allow a bottle or two of local wine. However, please refrain from bringing coolers loaded with Jell-O shots, liquor, beers, etc. We want you to have a great experience at all establishments and by Michigan Law, all establishments must decline service of anyone that arrives over served.

Is smoking allowed?

No. All vehicles are non-smoking.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this and booking your next tour with GRAND TRAVERSE TOURS!!